My work in clay began when I was a student at the State University of New York in Buffalo in the early 70’s.  While pursuing a degree in anthropology, I discovered the pottery studio in the student union and was smitten.  Since that time I have taken a variety of ceramic courses and workshops in New York, Vermont, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Mexico, Italy, and Spain.

After settling in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1972, my ceramic work ebbed and flowed for many years in concert with raising a family, operating a strawberry and raspberry farm, and pursuing careers in special education, social work, and school counselling.

Working out of a studio beside my home, I produce both wheel thrown and hand built pieces with a unique style of texturing that has become characteristic of my work.  My surrounding environment of woodland and sea is reflected in the organic nature of the surfaces that I create on the clay.  A workshop in Italy in 2003 introduced me to the fascinating primitive technique of smoke firing.  Since that time I have been exploring the many facets of this alternative firing method.  I am attracted to the subtle and earthy effects of the process that often remind me of the ancient artifacts that I discovered while studying anthropology in Mexico.

 Retired from my career as a school counsellor, I am now devoting more of my time to ceramic work.


Jamie’s work can be seen in several shops:

Showcase Gallery
Confederation Centre of the Arts
145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island, C1A 1J1

Details, Past & Present
166 Richmond Street, Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island, C1A 1H9

                        PEI Centre for Crafts 

                 98 Water Street, Charlottetown                                                  

Prince Edward Island, C1A1A6

                             Michael Stanley Pottery

                                 Victoria by the Sea

                          Prince Edward Island, C0A2G0

                                  ( summer only )